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Latest News
Work has begun on a standalone novel related to The Dragon Chronicles. The novel will tell the tale of Daegoth II, the first Onyx Dragon. It will be the darkest and most disturbing novel I've written so far, and unlike the others that take place in the same world, it will not be child-friendly.
The Dragon Chronicles will have a new chapter (as of yet untitled) picking up the story about 150 years after the Lifegiver's defeat. This new book will feature Prince Faeraon the Younger, son of Queen Allora and King Eamon. He will take up the fight against a new threat after the Knights of the Dragon mysteriously fall under a paralyzing spell.
I am still working on the first book in a series that features the further adventures of thief and ranger lord Adder. The first tale will take him to the far eastern kingdom of Kinar, where he will face the judgment of the Sun King himself after being accused of a terrible crime. His journey will take him down the Path of the Samurai with two escorts who will train him in the Bushido code of conduct.
I am also working on a sci-fi novel in the spirit of George Lucas' THX-1138. It will feature a young man in a dystopian future whose life has become dull and monotonous. One day, while making repairs on the communications grid, he discovers a cave that leads to the outside world. What he finds there gives him hope of a productive and enjoyable life. But, can he escape the city in order to fulfill his dreams?
"The Brotherhood of Perses: Tale of the Scorpion Book III" is now in the works. This volume will take Garret across the sea to the mainland and detail his search for the Brotherhood. He is, however, unaware that his greatest enemy has been unleashed on his trail.