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After an unexpected visit from a young Northman, Queen Siobhan learns that an ancient, omnipotent darkness has reared its foul head in the kingdom of Eirenoch and has made its presence known in her lands to the north. The slaughter of Wrothgaar's kin is just the beginning of the terrors that will come.
Soulless things begin to walk the land, defiling the life force that has existed from the beginning of time. Eirenoch begins to wither, and the protectors of the realm sense that a strange, unearthly power has enslaved the Great Mother, and threatens to sap her of her strength.
To save her lands, the queen must send her son, Prince Eamon, to the ruined temple of Dol Drakkar; a primordial shrine far to the north where the soul of the Dragon lies. There, Eamon will receive the blessing of the Firstborn and take on the mantle of all the kings before him. Only then can Eamon reawaken a long lost order of warriors known as the Knights of the Dragon, and lead them against the darkness that threatens to enslave and destroy the world.
The battle for Eirenoch continues as the Knights of the Dragon ride into the Southern Kingdom. Still seeking his sixth and final knight, Prince Eamon frees the cities of the south one by one, incurring the wrath of the Lifegiver himself. Queen Maebh awaits the arrival of the Prophet, to whom she will present her best kept secret; one that may change the future of the entire kingdom.
Meanwhile the rebel Jindala, Khalid, is greeted at Tel Drakkar by Erenoth, and is taught to follow the Path of the Dragon. His training will test his strength, resolve, and dedication to the Firstborn.
Farouk, having been initiated by Jodocus as the Great Druid's apprentice, continues his training in the ways of nature. His innate abilities and gift of understanding attract the attention of the Great Mother, who begins to suspect that his uncanny gifts will be a valuable tool in the battle against evil.
Behind the scenes, Garret embarks on the quest bestowed upon him by his Queen, and discovers the existence of an underground society that could be recruited to aid in the battle.
New characters, exciting battles, and startling revelations await you in this second installment of The Dragon Chronicles.
The Knights of the Dragon continue their campaign in the south, gaining the support of the people, and attracting the attention of the Prophet herself. Their liberation of the cities of the south begin to give the people hope for a final assault on the Queen, and the ousting of her supporters.
The Enkhatar, who have finally stepped foot on the island, pursue the Knights across the lands of Eirenoch in search of the Sword of Sulemain, Azim's favored weapon.

Khalid and his priests begin their crusade to reinstate the worship of the Dragon throughout the south, and resolve themselves to destroying all traces of the Lifegiver's influence.

In the Northlands, Farouk continues his quest to free the ancient Firstborn Kronos, and gains the respect of the Northmen and their king. His journey takes him deep into the frozen wilderness, where he learns secrets that he never dreamed possible.

Throughout the world, the Great Mother's divine assassin begins his task of eliminating those who stand in the way of insurrection, and will ensure that all who stand against the Lifegiver can finally rally against him.
After reuniting in the Wellspring, Aeli and Farouk return to Aeli's cottage to find that the rangers have discovered a rift between dimensions. Curious as to the nature of the phenomenon, Farouk uses his new ability to cross over. What he finds there is shocking, and is found to be linked not only to the Lifegiver, but an ancient malevolent spirit that has haunted Eirenoch for thousands of years.

The Dragon, having gained enough power to escape his prison in human form, takes Khalid on a quest to the center of the Earth. There, they will uncover an ancient secret that could aid the Dragon in protecting the Great Mother from further harm.

The Onyx Dragon, now the king of Eirenoch, prepares his troops to set sail for the mainland and join the armies that lie in wait. He is, however, distracted by the series of assassinations that have been going on for the past year, and begins to see a connection between the killer and the man who raised him as his own.

Garret, still furthering the cause of the Great Mother, begins to remember pieces of his former life. His dreams tell him of the great love he once had for a mysterious woman, and the life he once lived as her protector.
The armies of the world have gathered to prepare for the final assault on the Lifegiver's dark domain. Their only hope of victory lies in the Dragon, who now approaches the center of the Earth to sever the Lifegiver's hold on the Great Mother.

Across the sea, Khalid and the druids prepare to defend Tel Drakkar against the remaining Enkhatar, who have now gathered on the southern shore with dark forces of their own. Assisted by the rangers, and a detatchment of Alvar, their final stand will decide the fate of Eirenoch, and all who reside upon it.

Garret continues to pursue the demon Akharu across the realms, dedicated to destroying him and protecting the Onyx Dragon; who is now the dark assassin's final target.
This final chapter of the Dragon Chronicles brings new and powerful allies, startling revelations, and the ultimate battle of light and darkness.
In the days before young Wrothgaar's journey to Morduin, the discovery of a mysterious attack on a nearby settlement prompts him to seek the council of an ancient shaman. His quest for answers will lead him into the dangerous underworld, where he will face the dead ancestors of his tribe. There, he will discover that his destiny lies not with his own people, but with the people of Eirenoch.
The Dragon Chronicles
Every hero has a tale, and the greatest assassin in Eirenoch's history is no exception. Tale of the Scorpion takes you on a journey through the life of Garret; from his troubled youth to his life as royal assassin to King Magnus and future mentor of the last Onyx Dragon.

Wrath of the Broken One begins the story, when Garret is rescued from certain death by a mysterious Thyrean assassin who apparently has a price on his own head. Garret's new mentor, Etanos, will teach him not only the tricks of the trade, but the skills that will eventually earn him the nickname Scorpion.

However, he will also learn the most important lesson of all; that no matter how skilled the warrior, there is always someone better--especially among those who are born of darkness.
Continuing his quest to take down the Red Hand, fledgling assassin Garret boldly begins the task of eliminating local lords that have been seduced into the mysterious group's ranks. Along the way, Garret and the young ranger, Kuros, learn the details of Queen Igraina's involvement and of the impending arrival of Prince Maedoc to the south.

Lord Darragh, having confessed his sins to Sister Helena, joins in the fight to rid Eirenoch of the Red Hand, and allows his young servant, Ferrin, to speak for him at a secret meeting with Maedoc. There, it is discovered that the queen has enlisted the aid of Lord Corrahn's dark servant, Menelith; an ancient Alvar warrior enslaved to do Corrahn's bidding.

Queen Igraina, having learned of Garret's plans, sends Menelith to hunt him down, hoping to eliminate him before he kills all of her allies. Unbeknownst to her, however, the Great Druid Jodocus has plans for the spectral assassin. Menelith's power could be the key to releasing King Magnus from the queen's spell, allowing him to end her treason forever.

Struggling with his noble past and the compulsion to kill, Menelith must decide whether to continue his dark existence, or to betray his master and return to shadow. Only the outcome of Maedoc's confrontation with his own mother will sway his decision, and the fate of all of Eirenoch.
Tale of the Scorpion
The Daegoth Trilogy
Having usurped the throne of Eirenoch from King Daegoth, the Beast T'kar rules the kingdom with fear and terror as his weapons. On the eve of his victory over an army of invading Northmen, T'kar's estranged wife, the daughter of the murdered king, gives birth to a child not of his own bloodline. Enraged beyond measure, T'kar executes her and the child, erasing their entire bloodline from history.

Or so he believes...

Years later, young Northman foundling, Dearg, is thrown into a world of chaos when the bodies of three murdered Highlanders is found in the river that passes through his village. Seeking to find answers, Dearg is suddenly faced with the reality that the mysterious calling he has felt his whole life emanates from the fearsome dark tower that is located nearby. Known as Dol Drakkar, the tower holds the key to the power of the Dragon, and may offer Dearg the inspiration to fulfill his destiny.

Fully illustrated with character art by the author himself, this trilogy brings to life the legend of Daegoth II and his struggle to ascend to the throne of Eirenoch as the first Onyx Dragon.